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MTM is a seamless mobile device task management application for you and your engineering team, making the most of top-of-the-line online real estate property management software. Download the app from iTunes and Google Play today!

Our tenant management software allows you to update your contact information or notification preferences seamlessly so that communication is maximized with the property managers. Stay on top of tenant alerts and work orders with ease. Download the app from iTunes and Google Play today!

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"From their customer service to the many benefits the software provides -
it is hard for me to imagine a property that would not find considerable redeeming value in Electronic Tenant® Solutions' offerings."

George Cantrell
Vice President Managing Director Property Services
Republic Properties Corporation
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Five Steps to Optimized Operations
Optimized operations technology provides a gateway to healthier buildings and ultimately happier tenants.
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ETS' commitment to superlative customer service for our online property management software has been, and will always be, fundamental to our collective success. We are an extension of our clients - a trusted partner - providing a depth of expertise and resources to substantially advance your goals and objectives.

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The Electronic Tenant® Solutions' Maintenance Center is a highly-flexible workflow hub. A single web page offers customizable tabs not only for all ETS apps but also for any other web sites and web applications you use in day-to-day responsibilities. It's all of the rental management software in one place, a hub for building management.

icon Education & Training

ETS provides a wealth of training resources to maximize the value of our property maintenance and management software. Dedicated representatives offer unlimited support that combines in-person training with state-of-the-art tools such as video tutorials, online help center, email, chat, screen sharing, and phone support. We can help you make the most of this tenant management software in order to make your life easier and open communication with those renting a property.

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