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Want to reduce liability at your property?

Video Training & Life Safety
The Video Life Safety Training & Testing app promotes, and documents, preparedness and understanding of procedures required in mitigating circumstances.
Marquee Features
  • Invaluable Preparedness Resource
  • Video Library:
    Property Type / Size / Geography
  • Warden & General Occupant Videos
  • Email Test Notifications
  • Participation & Progress Tracking
  • Generic Tests Included
  • Custom Video Creation Options
  • Use Existing Videos
  • Set Pass / Fail Thresholds
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Satisfy Local / Municipal Training Requirements
Best Uses
  • Ensure Property Preparedness
  • Proactive Preparedness Learning
  • Bolster Risk Profile
  • Lower Liability Exposure / Costs
  • Ensure Training Compliance
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