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Actionable Data Initiatives
One of the energy apps greatest attributes is the ability to identify actionable data and create automated initiatives.

The app delivers specific, actionable data insights - automated, step-by-step programs that identify and address overconsumption circumstances. A single click adopts an initiative and provides progress to goal including dollars saved, Energy Star improvement and carbon footprint details.

Threshold alerts are powerful tools for meeting performance goals. Alarms, via text or email, can alert management and engineering personnel to low or high threshold consumption. For example, the Chief Engineer could get a text message that a property is consuming more energy than anticipated over a weekend. Similarly, next day alerts proactively address consumption based on the previous day's performance. This ensures that multiple days of overconsumption do not take place.

The capacity to tie energy software and proactive tenant engagement together - tenant plug and light load is upwards of 45% of office energy consumption - provides leverage for even greater NOI improvement.

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