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ETS Dashboard
ETS Dashboard is a new management tool that allows users to visually track and analyze key data points to help monitor the health of your building(s) in real time.
At-a-glance, real time performance information:
  • Account Requests
  • Reservation Requests
  • PM: Flagged Tasks
  • PM: Past Due Tasks
  • PM: Status Totals
  • PM: Unassigned Tasks
  • SR/WO: Satisfaction Summary
  • SR/WO: Status Totals
  • SR/WO: Billable Totals
  • ETS: What's New, Tweets, Events & Enhancements
Marquee Features
  • Multiple Building Views
  • One Click Detail View
  • Customizable Data Tiles
  • Customizable Layout with Drag and Drop
  • Multiple User Dashboard Views

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