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Energy Star Integration
While there are innumerable aspects and ways to save energy, the foundation of success is robust yet easy-to-use software.

Energy is typically a property operator's greatest expense. The massive growth of LEED and Energy Star, over the last decade, are demonstrative of a momentous and invaluable trend.

LEED and Energy Star have become the de-facto standard for any healthy, efficient, productive and overall marketable commercial property. That said, considerable cost savings and efficiencies can be achieved in applying such standards even if every aspect of certification is unattainable. In other words, doing something is better than doing nothing. Energy software can be both a good start as well as a great tool for the seasoned property operator in driving greater NOI.

Critical Value
  • Increase NOI
  • Rapid ROI
  • Mitigate Consumption 5 - 10%
  • Easy Implementation
  • Maintain / Exceed Industry Standards
  • Increase Energy Star Scores
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