Want to reduce liability at your property?

Video Training & Testing
The Video Training & Testing app contains videos and other training materials that can be customized property by property. This building operations software gives tenants everything they need to know about how to handle a life-threatening situation and shows that you have prepared proper emergency responses.
Marquee Features
  • Invaluable Preparedness Resource
  • Video Library:
    Property Type / Size / Geography
  • Warden & General Occupant Videos
  • Email Test Notifications
  • Participation & Progress Tracking
  • Generic Tests Included
  • Custom Video Creation Options
  • Use Existing Videos
  • Set Pass / Fail Thresholds
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Satisfy Local / Municipal Training Requirements
Best Uses
  • Ensure Property Preparedness
  • Proactive Preparedness Learning
  • Bolster Risk Profile
  • Lower Liability Exposure / Costs
  • Ensure Training Compliance
As the landlord or building manager, it's important for you to keep your tenants safe. This isn't just about responding to safety-related tenant maintenance requests quickly; it's about ensuring that they have access to the information necessary to respond appropriately during life-threatening situations. Video Training & Testing training materials offer an excellent tenant-accessible location that details the actions to take during dangerous circumstances. It's customizable by building or property and helps to reduce your risk should something occur. If you'd like to see this tenant web portal in action, click here to learn more.
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